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Subject: Doug and Me - 2Just a quick note of thanks to the guys that have dropped me a line telling
me that the liked the first chapter... here is chapter 2, and I hope you
like this as much.This is a true story involving boy/boy sex. If this offends you-please
leave this site!! If you are under the age of 18, or if this is against
the laws of your state/country/province etc., leave also.with all that out of the way-- please read and enjoy.
Send any comments/constructive criticisms to the above address.
Doug and Me
Part 2As we lay there curled up in each others arms, I hated the idea of letting
him go, it had taken us 3 years to get to this point, but I had to make
tracks to get home, his parents would be home soon and mine had expected me
home already. We knew it wouldn't be possible to see each other again
before he left, neither of us wanted to let go of each other."Why did we wait for so long, why couldn't you give me some sort of an
indication"? I asked."Why couldn't you have done the same. We've only just got together and now
it's time to leave, it's not fair".We kissed again, gently and with a tenderness that I've never forgotten.
Feeling the tears begin to build inside me, I broke away and quickly
dressed. Giving him a final peck on the lips, I said goodbye and walked
out. We didn't see each other again 'till the day that he was to get on
the train heading for his unit. I was there to see him off together with
his parents and girlfriend as well as every other family member that could
possibly make it. I couldn't get to say goodbye the way I wanted to, all I
wanted to do at that moment was to hold him and smother him with kisses and
I could Porn Lolita Pedo sense he felt the same. He boarded the train and leaned through
the window over to me to whisper something to me, I moved closer, he
pressed his lips against my ear "I love you" was all he said. I had to get
out of there; I tend to be very emotional, and can cry at the drop of a
hat, and what he had just said to me was more than I could cope with. The
train pulled off and he disappeared into the distance.The next few days before I was due to leave myself were empty. I felt
lost, I moped Porn Lolita Pedo around the house aimlessly, my mother kept asking what was
wrong. I just shrugged and said that I wasn't looking forward to going to
the army. My mother Porn Lolita Pedo
and I were pretty close, and the thought of me going
away also left her with a knot in her throat. I departed for my base a few
days later with only my parents and sister to see me off, I missed Doug so
much it ached. We all arrived at the base to be greeted by a bunch of
morons that kept shouting instructions to run here and run there. Forming
up into lines we were marched over to the QM store to be issued with our
uniforms. Being so small, there wasn't a uniform that fitted me
comfortably, except when it came to the boots, Porn Lolita Pedo
I had the most enormous feet
for someone my height, the corporal handed me a size 7, which I promptly
handed back and asked for a 10. He couldn't believe it when it was
actually the right size. Next we were paraded to our sleeping quarters,
only to find that we would be camping out in bloody tents for the next 14
weeks. There were 6 of us in each tent, two of the guys I could
immediately see I wasn't going to get on very well with, the typical "all
Braun no Brain", another two of whom were clearly gay. Within the first
week, the one gay chap was beaten one night in his sleep because they
suspected he may be gay. It was clear, that under no circumstances would I
let anyone know that I was as well. I kept to myself and followed the
crowd to where I was led.They immediately started pushing us around and giving us orders,
threatening us if we refused or questioned them. This was not going to be
my idea of fun. We were allowed to settle in for the next hour and then
everyone was ordered to report to the parade ground. This mass of open
ground, wherever you looked there was miles and miles of fuck all. Huge
open space of nothing, with a few trees scattered in the distance. The
ground was dry and hard. There was no grass or ground cover across most of
the land.We had been on base for 3 weeks before the first "letter parade", I was one
of the few that received a letter, expecting it to be from Doug, I'm sure
the disappointment could be seen on my face when I discovered it was only
from my mother. It would only be 3 weeks later that I would received his
first letter. The excitement of receiving a letter from him was evident, I
ran back to the tent and jumped onto my bed to make myself comfortable to
read his letter. I ripped the envelope open and fumbled with the pages,
enclosed with the letter were some magazine clippings which fell onto my
stomach, but I ignored them to get back to reading my lovers letter. The
first 2 pages were wasted on bringing me up to speed with how things were
going at camp, and how much he was enjoying himself etc. etc.I turned over to page 3, and as I continued to read, I couldn't believe
what I was reading. I felt like my chest had been ripped open, and that
someone had plucked my heart out and was squeezing it. I continued reading
his words, his letter it was filled with words of remorse at what we had
done, and that it could never happen again. He wasn't gay and didn't want
to be and it was wrong, his family would never accept it. I felt the tears
begin to build up inside, my gut tensed up as I tried to hold back the
tears.I understood every word he was writing, I felt them myself, but it never
changed what I was feeling, it was supposed to be wrong, but I couldn't
understand why it felt so right to me. He closed off his letter by telling
me the dates of his first pass, they would correspond with my pass dates as
well, all I could think about at the moment, was being together with him
again, perhaps I could get him to change his mind about us.I arrived back at home the Friday morning around 06'00, he was only due
later that afternoon. We had planned to make his arrival a surprise for
his parent, so they were never told of his pending pass. I met him at the
station and surprising enough his train was on schedule. When I saw him,
my first reaction was to hug him, but because of where we were and
remembering the words in his letters, I restrained myself. We drove to his
parents home, the atmosphere in the car was heavy, and other than idle
chatter about what had been happening over the past few weeks, most of
which we had already spoken of in our letter, there were long periods of
deathly silence.We arrived at his home, and as was hoped, the expected surprised reaction
was received from the family. A day to day recount of our experiences over
the preceding weeks followed. It was getting late but Doug suggested that
we go out on the town, his parents were about to object, but their son was
now old enough to make his own decisions. We piled Porn Lolita Pedo into my car, a VW
Beetle, and headed for town. He wanted to go somewhere he could dance, I
nearly mounted the pavement when he asked me if I knew where the Gay clubs
were Porn Lolita Pedo so that we could dance together without getting glares from others. I
drove to the only club that Porn Lolita Pedo I knew about, which I had been to once before
myself.We coincidentally chose a day when there was one or other beauty pageant
being held. Some of the guys were very well dressed and made up and I
don't believe he could tell which were men and which were women. We walked
in and headed for the bar for drinks, pretty soon we Porn Lolita Pedo were on the dance
floor, it was his first time in a gay club, and I'm sure he couldn't help
himself but to stare at some of the people that were milling about.It wasn't long before the guilty feelings set in about where we were, and
he started with his bullshit butch "straight" act. Passing comments about
one of the girls that was dancing nearby, "Why does a beautiful woman like
that turn lesbian? She should spend a weekend with me and I'll help her
turn straight again". I got so pissed off with his attitude that I walked
off the dance floor and got my things ready to right away, he pleaded with
me and asked if we could just stay till after the pageant, he'd never seen
one before and was curious. I agreed and we ordered ourselves another
round and sat down, considering his previous comments; I thought it wise
not to bring up the situation between us. We passed the time with idle
chatter once again. There was an announcement that the show was about to
start and that we should all get ourselves another drink and take our
seats, we ordered ourselves another round of drinks each and moved as close
to the ramp as possible.The music started and the lighting changed and the "Girls" were introduced
to the audience one at a time as they did their first stroll down the
catwalk. The audience broke into loud cheers and wolf whistles as each one
paraded. Cleo was announced, and it was clear that she was the club
favorite, the audience erupted with applause, and I erupted with laughter.
I turned to Doug and wanted to piss in my pants laughing when I saw the
expression on his face, Cleo was the "girl" that he had passed his comment
about earlier. I nudged him in the ribs and with a wicked smile Porn Lolita Pedo on my face
asked, "do you still want to spend a weekend with her?" Needless to say I
didn't get an answer.We partied ourselves out and made homeward movements. There were very few
cars on the road at that time of the morning, we were sitting in silence
when I felt his hand reach over and placed on my thigh."What are you doing?" I asked."I've missed you".He shifted his body in the seat until he was facing me completely; he put
his other hand on my thigh as well."I've missed you too, but what is it you expect from me. Your letter made
it clear that nothing could happen between us again" I answered"Let's find somewhere quiet and pull over." He asked.My emotions were in turmoil, a mix of excitement and lust with as much
fear, I didn't need him to come back with his feelings of remorse Porn Lolita Pedo again
after we were finished, not again, but I thought maybe he had changed his
mind. I pulled over into a secluded area and turned off the ignition and
turned my body to face him. He moved over and reached forward to kiss me.
I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to reach mine. It was only when
his tongue came out to find mine that I responded by putting my arms around
his neck pulling him closer to me. My co-operation must have been a signal
to him that the path was clear to do what he liked, I felt his hands on my
cock, massaging me through my jeans. I knew I was Porn Lolita Pedo setting myself up for a
fall again, but I couldn't stop myself, maybe if the sex was great, it
would help him change his mind.We continued to kiss as he started undoing my belt and unzipped my fly. By
this time my cock was aching to be free, he eased it out and started
pulling my underpants and denims down. He took my cock in his hand and
slowly started to pull my foreskin back and forth over it's head, that by
this time had started to weep it's sticky lube. Using his thumb he spread
it around over my sensitive dome, I nearly bit off his tongue as the jolt
of pleasure soared through my body. He moved his other hand up under my
shirt and found one of my nipples, he pinched on it and pulled it until it
ached. Changing over to the other nipple, he broke the kiss and moved his
head down to my cock. I rested my hands onto the back of his head, I felt
his tongue press into my piss slit, he licked up some of the precum that
was dripping out, then he began to lick around the head. As his lips
closed around the head, I felt as if I would shoot my load immediately, I
held my hands on the side of his head to stop him from taking me further
into his mouth, I needed to recover and slow myself down. He understood
what I was doing and just held me in his mouth without doing anything more.
His mouth felt so warm around Porn Lolita Pedo my cock, after a few moments, he continued to
lick the underside of the head, and slowly started lowering his head,
taking me deeper down his throat.He removed his hand from my nipple and took both my balls and rolled them
around in the palm of his hand. I lunged forward as I felt I was going to
blow my load again, I pulled him up off my cock and pulled his face to mine
and smothered him with a wild passionate kiss. Our tongues were going
frantic, my breathing was out of control, I reached over and started to
undress him. Nearly breaking the zipper as I tried to tear the pants off
of him. I pushed him back into his seat and reached down the side to
collapse it back. My shoes and trousers around my ankles were making
movement impossible and I broke away from him to remove them as quickly as
possible, he followed suit and removed his jeans and sneakers. Once again
he took hold of my cock and slowly started jerking me off. He was cut, and
seemed fascinated with the extra bit of skin that I had. Watching
fascinated as he pulled it back and forth over the head. He was welcome to
watch all he liked, as long as he didn't stop what he was doing.I wanted him in a big way, I wanted to taste him in my mouth, I climbed
between his legs and kneeled in front of him, I was determined that this
time I would take him all the way down. Relaxing my throat and suppressing
my gag reflex as best I could, after a couple of attempts I finally
succeeded. I could feel his cock pushing against the back of my throat, I
sucked as I started lifting my head back up, my tongue finding his piss
slit and lapping up his juices. He felt his climax peaking and pulled me
up off his cock, our lips met and I took over by beating him off. He held
his breath and let out a loud grunt as he exploded into my hand. It was
dark so we couldn't see where he was shooting his load other than what came
out in my hand. We kissed and he again took me in his hand and started
pounding away. It wasn't long before I also erupted, he was lying under me
and I pored out my load onto his shirt and under his chin. I collapsed
onto his chest and we continued to kiss. We lay like that in silence for a
while but soon it became very uncomfortable, I can definitely not recommend
that anybody use a VW Beetle as his first choice for a place to make love.
We moved apart, the chill started to take its affect and we pulled our
clothes back on as best we could in the dark.We fell into silent mode again, I started the car and headed to his house.
When we got there, he kissed me again before he got out and disappeared
into the house. As I drove home, Porn Lolita Pedo
I could hear his words that were going to
be said the next time he saw me. That what we were doing was wrong and
that we must stop, it's not normal, and it will never work. I cried the
rest of the way home, what Porn Lolita Pedo was he doing to me, he knew how I felt? What
was I doing to myself, why was I letting him do this to me?
Please e-mail me and let me know what you think, Comments/criticism to
fablerhotmail.comCome back again for chapter 3.
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